Monday, May 25, 2009

A Child's Innocence

A Child’s Innocence

I remember just the other day, smiling at the sight of a father playing outside with his daughter.

I'm assuming by her tiny frame, the little girl appeared to be three years old. This father and daughter seem to be having so much fun, running playing laughing under the sun. At that moment I was honored to witness such bliss, up until the moment I over heard this.

"See those Mexican kids over there playing, the black man began to speak, you don't play with them you don't talk to them, you stay over here". This little girl new nothing about this cruel world. In her eyes the little Mexican kid's were just children, she did not see color or race, all she cared about is having a friend that she could beat in a running race.

At that moment I became appalled of the father. Did he even realize, for a moment I hoped he would look into my eyes....but I walked away, shaking my head, this child's innocence, this child's innocence...
Compromised by ignorance.

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